A lot is happening...here's what's up.

Last year, my family and I bought a house. Said house has an awesome basement, which soon after moving in became an awesome studio space. Here is a picture. - - - - >

Yeah, we painted it ourselves. It was hyper ambitious and took a lot of hours. One wall is really, REALLY purple. I plan on doing a video walkthrough of it soon. After carpet.

So, music. It's been 18 months since the release of "The Midwest Is Still Dreaming", and most of my time in that interim was consumed by adult stuff. I turned 30. Then 31. 

About 6 months ago (it might have been 9 months, it could have been 4, I don't do time folks), Jack Essenburg came over and we started writing. Jack was the drummer of Paradigm, the guitarist/songwriter in Black Canvas, and he also played guitar for me at my album release show. The most important fact is that he's my longest running musical compatriot, although we haven't worked together in years. 

Now we are. Not only that, but we have a new band name. It's BLUE SUN CIRCUS. And we have an entire album written and demoed out. < - - - - Here's a picture of Jack.  

I do have a few songs that I've been working on for my next solo release, and I'm happy with the direction. I also have another side project I'm doing, but more on that later. Thanks for reading this far. That probably means you've listened to my music, and that's swell. I'm going to go wait for season 3 of Stranger Things to come out. Might be a while.