I'm taking a stab at this mystical idea of BLOG WRITING, since, as we all know, there is a severe shortage of blogs out there on the internet. 

The last 4 weeks have been an insane whirlwind of activity in my family. At the start of December, we decided, in the course of only a few days, to move to a larger apartment in our complex. We usually spend months prepping/packing/purging before we move, but this time, we went from idea, to commitment, to implementation in a week's time. Add 3 kids and the holidays into that mix, and you've got a real recipe for exhaustion, stress, and short tempers.

But through it we came, and now things are sinking back into normalcy.

Musically speaking, I've hit a dry spell, which is ok considering the mountain of other responsibilities happening right now. Writing this blog is going to be one main way of staying engaged with you, my adoring, committed, thunderstruck-by-my-musical-brilliance fans.

Yes, I really am this funny all the time.

In my next post, I'll be giving you guys a look into my new studio room, which is finally put together and ready for me to start working on my next record again. Speaking of which, every copy of the album will contain the spirit of an invisible unicorn inside of it, so get excited for that.

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