• This is an amazing non-profit organization run by a friend of mine, Joelle McNamera. The things that she has been accomplishing are incredible. Check it out and support her!


  • This is the band I grew up playing in. Our last album "They Carried The Clouds" is available for free download, and it is really, really good. If you like raw and intense rock music, do yourself a favor and download it.


  • Black Canvas is a band formed by Paradigm drummer Jack Essenburg (on guitar) and Hotel Ahead vocalist and guitarist Matt Murray. I joined in right at the get-go as the bassist. Extremely good music, good songs, and original sound.

mule resonator guitars

  • Matt Eich is a cool fellow I met through social media, and he builds some incredible instruments that you should check out. Maybe I'll own one someday.


  • This is an awesome internet radio station that has had half a dozen of my songs in regular rotation for months. Lots of great music to be heard around the clock!